FLA0101- Introduction to Social Sciences I (Anthropology)
PDF program- Profª Rose Satiko G. Hikiji
PDF program - Profª Ana Lúcia Pastore Schritzmeyer
PDF Program - Prof. Vagner Gonçalves da Silva

FLA0205 - Anthropology III - Structuralism PDF program
FLA0102 - Anthropology II - Questions of Classical Anthropology
FLA0206 - Anthropology IV - Questions of Contemporary Anthropology  - PDF Program
FLA0306 - Field Research in Anthropology
FLA0106 - Introduction to Anthropology (for Psychology)


The optional subjects are divided into the following lines of research, with varied programs each semester, depending on the professor who teaches each one. To check which are being offered in the current semester, go to Schedule:

Anthropology of Politics and Law:
Study of the political and normative dimensions of social life, focusing on the formation of political communities, the constitution of new subjects of rights and the rules and values ​​that produce politics and law as specific domains.

FLA0371 - Topics in Anthropology of Politics and Law
FLA0358 - Anthropology and Law
FLA0352 - Family, politics and social conflict
FLA0365 - Anthropology of politics

Anthropology of Expressive Forms:
This line of investigations intends to pay attention to the forms of expression, inserted in specific cultural contexts. Anthropological study transcends the material that supports these creations (color, wood, stone, sound, words, gestures, etc.).

FLA0364 - Benjamin, Brecht and Anthropology
FLA0384 - Anthropology and Music  - PDF Program
FLA0383 - Visual Anthropology: Use of Photography in Anthropology
FLA0324 - Anthropology of the image
FLA0348 - Interpretations of Brazil: anthropology and literary matrices
FLA0361 - Anthropology and cinema
FLA0369 - Artistic expression and social experience: different approaches
FLA0370 - Anthropology of performance
FLA0372 - Topics in Anthropology of Expressive Forms  - Program in PDF
FLA0381 - Arts of Memory: Space, Image and Narrative
FLA0338 - Paradigms of Theater in Anthropology & nbsp;
FLA0389 - Anthropology, mythology and narrative - Program

Anthropology of African and African Populations:
Understanding of the socio-cultural processes experienced by black populations in Brazil, with special attention to race relations, Afro-Brazilian religions, studies of ethnic identity; analyzes of the colonial process of transformations.

FLA0318 - Anthropology of Brazilian multiracial society: the black segment
FLA0327 - Introduction to sub-Saharan African ethnology
FLA0373 - Anthropology Topics of Afro-Brazilian and African Populations
FLA0337 - From Afro to Brazilian: Religion and National Culture

Anthropology and History:
A history of Anthropology in Brazil. The line intends to understand how Anthropology has been developing in a particular way and in dialogue with other productions.

FLA0332 - A History of Brazilian Anthropology (Anthropology in Brazil)
FLA0331 - Anthropology and History: debates in the border region
FLA0359 - Reading images
FLA0374 - Topics in Anthropology and History
FLA0348 - Interpretations of Brazil: anthropology and literary matrices
FLA0380 - Topics in Anthropological Theory
FLA0354 - Birth of Cultural Anthropology: Franz Boas, the notion of History, Race and Culture

Rural Anthropology:
Study of social processes of peasant formations; customary law and its relations with official law; symbolic dimensions and cultural dynamics in a rural context. Includes GAIA / Legal, Agrarian and Environmental Anthropology.

FLA0308 - Rural Social Movements
FLA0344 - Relationship and Rural Social Organization
FLA0375 - Topics in Rural Anthropology

Urban Anthropology:
Study of social groups and institutions, cultural processes and spatial dynamics in the contemporary urban context, with an emphasis both on territorialities, social movements and discussions on urban requalification processes, as well as on the analysis of networks of sociability, youth and leisure. Recently, the line has expanded towards the study of Amazonian cities.

FLA0376 - Topics in Urban Anthropology
FLA0307 - Urban Anthropology
FLA0385 - Cities and Ideas
FLA0368 - City and Relationship: Sociability, Situation, Local Plan
FLA0390 - City, Body and Difference
FLA0353 - Urban Space, Segregation and Urbanism in the Anthropological Perspective
FLA0316 - Cultural Practices in an Urban Context - PDF Program - Beginning of Classes: 3/03 - Schedule

Indigenous Ethnology:
Study of forms of social life, symbolic manifestations, interethnic relations, history and contexts of Amerindian peoples.

FLA0335 - & nbsp; Anthropology and Development
FLA0346 - Introduction to South American ethnology
FLA0303 - & Anbsological Reading of Monographs
FLA0315 - & nbsp; South American Social Structure and Ethnology: Critical Balance and New Approaches
FLA0314 - Comparative ethnology: South American indigenous cosmologies
FLA0326 - Introduction to the study of kinship
FLA0339 - Readings in Ethnology I - Classics
FLA0340 - Reading in Ethnology II - Lowlands - PDF program
FLA0350 - The rules of structural analysis
FLA0355 - Body, substance, person. Readings of Amerindian Ethnology
FLA0360 - Construction of the concepts of nature and society in Anthropology
FLA0366 - Readings of Ethnology III - Pierre Clastres' Political Anthropology
FLA0377 - Topics on Indigenous Ethnology

Social Markers of Difference:
Studies that focus on the social production of difference through the articulation of categories of “race, gender, sex, age and class”, both from the point of view of the configuration of classification systems and of bodies and collective identities.

FLA0362 - Anthropology and gender - PDF Program
FLA0363 - Race, sexuality and national identity
FLA0378 - Anthropology Topics: Social Markers of Difference
FLA0351 - Sexuality and Social Sciences
FLA0347 - Power and Difference & nbsp;
FLA0387 - Anthropology of emotions: modes of (re) construction and regulation of social life
FLA0390 - City and difference

Popular religiosity and religious institution:
Study of religious systems and practices in its various dimensions such as institutional, ritual, mythological. Analysis of the denominations that make up the varied religious field. Catholicism, agro-Brazilian religions, Pentecostalism, among others.

FLA0391- Anthropology of Religion
FLA0337 - From Afro to Brazilian: religion and national culture  - Program
FLA0379 -Topics of Anthropology: Popular Religiosity and Religious Institution
FLA0309 - Religion, symbol and power
FLA0398 - Readings in Anthropology of Religion