The Postdoctoral Program of the Anthropology Department aims towards full participation of postdoctoral students in faculty and student activities. The postdoctoral student is expected to participate as a member of one of the research groups of the Department, contributing to the enhancement of academic discussion. 

The program involves two categories of post-docs: recently graduated PhDs and visiting researchers.  Postdoctoral students should participate in the following activities, which are considered essential to their relationship with the Department: 1. presentation of seminar(s) related to their projects; 2. supervised participation in elective disciplines at graduate and undergraduate levels; 3. participation in academic events organized by the Department.

A work room will be placed at the disposal of the postdoctoral student during the period of his or her participation in the program. 



Candidates must present a research project which will be analyzed by a reviewer appointed by the Departmental Council.

The applicant must also indicate a supervisor (a professor of the Anthropology Department) to accompany his or her research activities. After approval by the Department Council, the project will be forwarded to the Research Committee of FFLCH for final analysis. In case of approval, it will be forwarded to the Dean of Research for registration. Please access documentation here.