Groups and Laboratories

  • CANIBAL (Global Caribbean Anthropology Group)
  • CERNe (Studies of Contemporary Religions and Black Cultures)
  • COLETIVO ASA (Research Group on Arts, Knowledge and Anthropology)
  • ETNO-HISTÓRIA (Anthropology and History)
  • GEAC (City Anthropology)
  • GRAVI (Visual Anthropology)
  • HYBRIS (Power Relations, Conflicts, Socialities)
  • NADIR (Anthropology of Law)
  • NAPEDRA (Anthropology, Performance and Drama)
  • NUMAS (Social Markers of Difference) - click here to access the Mirror Group directory at CNPQ
  • PAM (Research in Musical Anthropology)
  • Religions, Secularism and the Public Sphere in Contemporary Brazil

  Research Labs

  • LISA (Laboratory of Image and Sound in Anthropology)
  • NAU (Urban Anthropology Nucleus Laboratory) 

Research Support Center 

  • CEstA (Center for Amerindian Studies)