About the Department of Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology (DA-USP) has sought to cultivate and develop the humanities reflection field dedicated to human diversity. The characteristics of this discipline are reflected in the variety of subjects studied by the teachers and student researchers that integrate it, in the richness of disciplinary interfaces represented in the research lines and groups, in the undergraduate, postgraduate, improvement and extension courses it offers and organizes.
On graduation, he joins the Departments of Political Science and Sociology to graduate bachelors and graduates in Social Sciences, whose professional possibilities are of the most varied, including: teaching at all levels, acting in public and private bodies, research, public policy advice. Already at this stage of formation students can be integrated into research groups, oriented in Scientific Initiation research and encouraged to participate in the organization of events promoted by the Department of Anthropology.

Head of Department: Prof.ª Dra. Marta Rosa Amoroso

Deputy Head of Department: Prof.ª Dra. Marina Vanzolini Figueiredo

Antropologia USP no ranking de 50 melhores

For the second time, the USP Anthropology course is ranked among the 50 best courses in the world

The article is available at link .


VIII ENADIR - Informamos que estará aberto até 05/06 o prazo para a submissão de propostas de trabalhos para os 27 GTs aprovados.

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Homenagens à Professora Emérita Eunice Durham

Tributes to Professor Eunice Durham

Professor Eunice Durham, who died on 07/19/2022, received tributes from professors at the Department of Anthropology at USP, and from important organizations such as SBPC and Nupps.

Tributes to Professor Eunice Durham can be found on the page.