Registration open for the Reflective Group of Support to Permanence

Registration is now open for participation in the Reflective Group to Support Permanence.

GRAPUSP (Reflective Group of Support to Permanence at the University of São Paulo) has been working, since May 2019, with the theme of bonds in the university space. The hour and a half meetings are weekly, conducted by psychologists and psychology students. The group is an open and free space for students of all courses, undergraduate and graduate courses at USP, with the exception of the Institute of Psychology, upon prior registration and continues to operate online during the covid-19 pandemic.

GRAPUSP is indicated for people who want to understand and find psychological and affective possibilities of being at USP. It appears as a proposal for a space that cultivates healthy relationships, allows speech and exchange of experiences, so that it is also possible to find common experiences, create a community within USP, which can seem a hostile place in many moments.

It is a group psychological treatment, but it is not psychotherapy. The meetings are exclusively verbal or mediated by photos. The objective is to reflect on the link with the University, seeking to mitigate the sufferings that may originate in this relationship.​​​​​​​

Registration can be made from this form.