VII ENADIR - National Meeting of Anthropology of Law


Registration and calls for proposals for Working Groups (WGs) and Round Tables (MRs) are open - https: //enadir2021.blogspot. com/p/editais.html

Check the schedule: https: // wbr />programacao.html .

The National Encounters of Anthropology of Law, ENADIR, are biannual events promoted by the Nucleus of Anthropology of Law, NADIR, based in the Department of Anthropology of the University of São Paulo, USP. Despite the almost identical names, the meetings and the nucleus are not confused, since it is the existence of NADIR, since 2008, that allows the realization of ENADIR, since 2009, although it is possible to say that they feed each other.

ENADIR's goals have remained firm since 2009: to generate new knowledge and promote the improvement of the quality of scientific production in the field of anthropology of law and related areas, encouraging and supporting exchanges between researchers from different national institutions and even international higher education, research, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

We hope that, in these times so adverse for academic life, for Brazilian political life and for the lives of each one of us, the VII ENADIR will be a place of welcome, encouragement and renewal of hopes. May the perception and the reiteration that we form a large collective of researchers, focused on topics of high social and political relevance, strengthen us and make us proceed with special determination.