How sex workers in Brazil have been winning rights throughtout their union

Collaborative interview with the participation of Letizia Patriarca. This interview is the result of a meeting between the Association of Sex Workers of Jamaica (SWAJ) and the Women Warriors Association, which fights for better working conditions and respect for sex workers in Campinas (SP). Held in the neighborhood of prostitution Jardim Itatinga, which presents several types of sex work, the interview with activist Betania Santos tells about the association's history of struggle and attempts to recognize the category by unions. It also addresses the discussion on the regulation of sex work to combat situations of greater vulnerability and violence to which they may be subject in the face of policies of non-legal recognition of prostitution and criminalizing bills. The interview was organized by the renowned researcher at the University of Bristol, Julia O'Connell Davidson and was facilitated and translated by tita (Letizia Patriarca) from PPGAS / USP and Angelo Martins Junior (University of Bristol).

Link to the full interview here.