John Cowart Dawsey

Research Lines
Cities, spaces and mobility
Expressive Forms and Knowledge Regimes
Areas of interest

Operates in the Research Line in Anthropology of Expressive Forms, at the interfaces between anthropology and theater, he is interested in reconfigurations in the field of anthropology raised by the work of Walter Benjamin. Develops research in performance anthropology, experience anthropology, and Benjaminian anthropology.

Online Productions

Theses and Dissertations:

  • 1989. Ph. D. in anthropology from the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts, Emory University Orientation: Walter Adamson Title of work: Vila Vitória: The Emergence of Proletarian Culture

  • 1999. Free Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the University of São Paulo Title of the work: What do the Bóias-Frias laugh about? Walter Benjamin and the Brecht Epic Theater in Truck Bodies (access to pdf)

  • 2007. Full Professor, Department of Anthropology, FFLCH / USP. Chair in Social Anthropology: Memorial

Online articles:

Online dossiers:

  • Feature Seismology of performance: plateaus, time, f (r) ictions. (Org. Dawsey, John C.) Cultures-Kairós [Online], published in The issues, updated on: 12/19/2016. Cultures-Kairós: Anthropology review of body practices and performing arts, no. 7. Houses of Human Sciences. Paris Nord, no. December 7, 2016. ISSN 2261-0758.
  • File: Antropologia e performance. org. Dawsey, John C .; Muller, Regina P., e Hikiji, Rose S. Revista de Antropologia, vol. 56, no. 2. julho-dezembro 2013. 624pp. ISSN 0034-7701.