Ana Lúcia Pastore Schritzmeyer

Research Lines
Cities, spaces and mobility
Power and Difference
Expressive Forms and Knowledge Regimes
Areas of interest

Works in the area of ​​Anthropology of Politics and Law, mainly with the themes: jury courts, jurisprudence and narratives of violence, human rights, demands for recognition of rights, access to justice, legal professionals and professions, criminal justice systems and criminology. Coordinates the Anthropology of Law Center (NADIR-USP). He coordinated the Project "Franco-Brazilian anthropological-legal dialogues" in partnership with LAJP - Laboratory of Legal Anthropology of Paris (between February 2013 and December 2016). She is an associate researcher at the Center for the Study of Violence (NEV), where she integrates the Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center - CEPID / FAPESP, from 2013 to 2018.

Online Productions

Doctoral thesis:

Controlling the power of killing: an anthropological reading of the Jury Court - playful and theatrical ritual

Articles and Book Chapters: 

Small murders: violence incorporated into everyday life & nbsp; (1998)

Rape, human rights, gender and justice (1998)

Entry “Citizenship”. Friday Magazine (2006)

Dissonant ethnography of the Jury Courts (2007)

Affections at stake in the Jury Tribunal (2007)

Adolescents in conflict with the law: folders and medical records of the “Complexo do Tatuapé” (2009)

Anthropology, law and mediation in Brazil: a dialogical field under construction (2012)

Interview with criminologist Álvaro Pires. "On law, social sciences and the challenges of navigating between these two worlds" (2015)

Threads of Life (2015)

Human Rights and Their Extra-Legal Circulations: Some Anthropological Reflections (2017)


Threads of Life (2013)


From complaints of sexual assault to sentences: a continuous flow of disputes through of language & nbsp; (2001)

Interdiction processes: family, law and medicine making capacities and disabilities (2006)

Research and paper reports:

Final research report : Human rights and democracy. Intervention proposal in the training of Judiciary, MP and Police professionals in the state of SP (1998)

Final research report: Mapping and Analysis of Experiences and Good Practices to Reduce Impunity and Institutional Violence against Children and Adolescents (2002)

Final research report : Civil registry offices in São Paulo(2008)

Paper - Research: Folders and records of the CASA / SP Foundation (2010)

Paper - Ethnography of a Jury session (2012)

Paper - research: Memories of University Guards (2016)

Dossier submissions:

Why a dossier focused on the anthropology of law? - USP Anthropology Journal (2010)

Brief overview of the anthropology of law in Brazil - Revista Cadernos de Campo (2013)

Dosier Antropología del Derecho in Brazil - Revista Euroamericana de Antropologia, REA (2016)

Caminhos do Sertão (2017)

Interviews, news and online classes:

“Legal Anthropology” In & nbsp; Carta Forensics Journal , 2005.

“On the importance of Scientific Initiation at FFLCH-USP”, 2009, [the audio in this video is impaired]

Opening table of the II ENADIR - National Meeting of Anthropology of Law, 2011 & nbsp ;

“Jury and Anthropology” - Justice and Democracy Program (from AJD - Association of Judges for Democracy), 2012

TVJur - Speaking of Law - The Jury Tribunal, 2012

Gil Rugai case: juror needs to reflect, says anthropologist, 2013

Gil Rugai case: 3rd day is for defense testimony, 2013

Book makes an anthropological study of the Jury Tribunal in SP. Bandnews TV , 2013

Cultural Critical and Reflexivity Round Table: Alterity and Ethnography, 37th ANPOCS Annual Meeting, 2013 & nbsp;

Opening of Table 4 - Alternatives to Prison. VII ANDHEP Meeting , Salão Nobre of FDUSP, 2014

USP Security Superintendence , 2014 

Class at Escola Paulista da Magistratura, 2014

Debate on reducing the age of criminal responsibility. CINUSP, 2015.

Table on the Brazilian prison system . Urban Concerns, CEUMA-USP, 2015.

Interview for Rádio-USP on rape, 2016

Program Dialogues at USP, about rape, 2016

Class “Approaches between Law and Social Sciences (Anthropology): research objects and methodologies” . 15th Laboratory of Criminal Sciences of the Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences - IBCCRIM, 2016.

Interview for the Jornal do Campus on rape, 2016

Intellectuals launch video that reinforces rejection of the Temer government, 2016.

Creation of the CDDH - Commission for the Defense of Human Rights of the FFLCH-USP , 2017

Violence involving PMs , 2017

Intolerances , 2017

Le rôle des acteurs dans les procès par jury: les leçons du Brésil et de la France , 2017

Police journalism and trials by Jury Courts, 2017