International Seminar “Africa, Brazil and the Diaspora: giving new meaning and relations between peoples”


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The International Seminar “Africa, Brazil and the Diaspora: giving new meaning to the views and relations between peoples” will be a breathtaking event dedicated to discussing and proposing a different reading on Africa-Brazil international relations, their practices, actors and other possibilities. In January 2021, a series of virtual meetings will be held with conferences, debate tables and cultural activities - conversations focused on various thematic axes inserted in a section that starts from some points of contact such as Anthropology, Sociology and African History and African Diaspora; Feminine perspectives: perspectives and movements of women in international relations; African Diaspora, Race, Migration and Refugees; Decolonial Studies and International Relations; Religiosities and Social Relations; Religiosities of African and Afro-Brazilian Matrix; International Relations actors Brazil-Africa / Africa-Brazil, in different aspects. Registration to follow online events and obtain certificates can be made through this page from November 20, 2020.