"A Festa da Moça Nova" at the FAPESP Agency

In spite of all the pressures of the society that surrounds it, the Ticuna people - who live in the Alto Solimões, on the triple Brazil-Peru-Colombia border - preserved one of their most important ceremonies, the Festa da Moça Nova. Check out the video and report by José Tadeu Arantes: agencia.fapesp.br/32855

It is a complex ritual of female initiation, lasting three days, investigated in depth by anthropologist Edson Matarezio. Postdoctoral fellow at Centro de Estudos Ameríndios - CEstA / USP, under the supervision of Marta Amoroso, Matarezio recently launched a book About the subject .

Link to the full documentaries: https://bit.ly/3b3IWSd
More information about the book: http://cesta.fflch.usp.br/en/node/1343