Anthropology of Expressive Forms

This line of research promotes reflection on the specificities of forms of aesthetic expression of different periods and cultures, including, among other topics, examination of relations between anthropological and aesthetic production, and between art and ethnography. The focus is on the creative activity of the human being as well as on processes that lead to forms of expression embedded in specific cultural contexts. Such research transcends the study of materials that supports these creations (color, wood, stone, sound, words, gestures, etc.), focusing on their organization and on the intentions from which creative processes emerge. It includes the anthropology of art and its various fields, such as ethnoaesthetics and the study of performing arts. Areas of research and teaching: Image (photography, film, painting), performance, sound, music, dance, literature, theater. Research centers and groups: LISA (Laboratory of Image and Sound in Anthropology); GRAVI (Group of Visual Anthropology); NAPEDRA (Research Center of Anthropology, Perfomance and Drama); PAM (Research in Musical Anthropology);  and ASA (Arts, knowledge and Anthropology).


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