Ponto Urbe

The electronic magazine Ponto.Urbe, published by the NAU - Núcleo de Antropologia Urbana, linked to the Department of Anthropology of USP and accredited by CNPq, is a semiannual vehicle for the dissemination and discussion of papers, essays, partial results of researches and theoretical and methodological proposals of Urban Anthropology and related areas, as well as the dissemination of events of interest on this theme. The main objective is to inaugurate a new space for discussion and dissemination of the production of researchers from different universities in the country and abroad, including graduate students, postgraduates and teachers in this field of knowledge. The publication presents the following sections: Articles, Cir-kula, Translations (of rare or current texts, not available in Portuguese), Interview (with researchers consecrated in the field of Brazilian Urban Anthropology), Ethnographic (field reports research results in progress ), Reviews. The Urbe Point has been in the air uninterruptedly since 2007.